About doc.israel.

Our past

The goal of the Festival is to show the face of Israel rarely seen in the media: a colorful, vibrant and multicultural country with gorgeous, sandy beaches; the non-stop vibration of Tel Aviv; the exotic mix of culture, good food, tens of thousands of expats, and the sacred & the profane in Jerusalem; sweaty excursions and then chilling in fresh water springs in the middle of the desert; faces, loves, trials & tribulations of daily life in Israel.

The first Israeli Documentary Film Festival in Stockholm in 2012, was a unique event in Scandinavia, meant to flourish into a tradition. The event took place at the Lederman Studiotheatre. The Festival was opened by Jurij Lederman, actor, director and owner of the Lederman Studiotheatre, and Benny Dagan, the ambassador of Israel in Sweden.

In 2014 we were back, bringing with us what was good from 2012, and improving what had to be improved. From then on, our name is doc.israel. We love it because it’s shorter, easier to write down and to remember, and expresses who we are very well.

This time we expanded our program to 2 days, and 5 of the best Israeli documentaries! 

The festival was held for the 3rd time in March 2016 and the 4th time in May 2017. Since 2016 we have been bringing you not only the best documentaries, but the best fiction from Israel as well. 

Our present

2018 marks our 5th anniversary. To celebrate it, we are opening the festival to Jewish films as well, and thus have changed our name to doc.israel., The Jewish and Israeli Film Festival in Stockholm.

We are happy at SF Rigoletto, one of the most prestigious cinemas in the heart of Stockholm. 

doc.israel.2018 is organized in cooperation with Paideia folkhögskola and the Goethe Institut, with the support of Israels Ambassad and Hermele-Stiftelsen.

Program 2018

Saturday, 5th May Sunday, 6th May
 14:30   The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev      (Tadj/Isr)  14:30  The Field (Isr)
 16:10   Farewell Mr. Schwarz (Ger/Isr)  16:15   The German Neighbour (Ger/Arg)
 18:15   Stockholm Syndrome (Ger)  18:15   Stalags (Isr)
 19:25   Panel discussion with Amit Epstein & David  Stavrou.   Mod: Anneli Rådestad  19:20   Panel discussion with Ari  Libsker   & Tanja Schult

We are looking forward to seeing you at SF Rigoletto on May 5-6!

Goethe Ins.