Program 2018


DOC.ISRAEL. 5-6 MAY 2018 

Saturday, May 5

14:30 The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev (Tadj/Isr, 74′)

16:10 Farewell, Herr Schwarz (Ger/Isr, 96′)

18:15 Stockholm Syndrome (Ger, 70′)

The screening is followed by a panel discussion between Amit Epstein, director of Stockholm Syndrome and David Stavrou, journalist. Participants will discuss the return of third-generation Holocaust survivors from Israel to Europe. To a Europe that cast out their grandparents and from an Israel where Europe for a long time was displayed only as the continent of the Holocaust. Moderator: Ricki Neuman

Sunday, May 6

14:30 The Field (Isr, 82′)

16:15 The German Neighbour (Ger/Arg, 94′)

18:15 Stalags – Holocaust and Pornography in Israel (Isr, 62′)

The screening is followed by a panel discussion between Tanja Schult, historian and Ari Libsker, the director of Stalags. The panelists will talk about the representation of the Holocaust in art, such as in the Stalags, and the socio-political reactions to the Eichmann-trial in Israel and in Germany. Moderator: Anders Carlberg

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