AKA Nadia (2016)

Directed by Tova Ascher
Duration: 115 min
Screening time: Saturday, May 6, 18:30

“Can a person have a future when her past becomes present?”
Nadia is a 20 year old Arab girl who has a secret love affair with Nimer, a PLO activist. They move to England, where Nimer is caught by the authorities and Nadia is left alone. A slick character fixes her with an Israeli passport of a Jewish girl that enables her to return to Israel.

Twenty years later Nadia is now Maya, a successful choreographer who is married to a Jewish official at the Ministry of Justice, Yoav. They have two children. But her past catches her up when Nimer reappears. Yoav, notices his wife’s distress, and realizes that she’s hiding something.

Throughout the unique story, the film contemplates on life in a society infected with profound intolerance. Maya comes to realize she has no place in the life she herself created.

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