Sabena Hijacking – My Version (2015)

Directed by Rani Saar
Duration: 98 min
Screening time: Sunday, May 7, 18:45

On the eighth of May 1972, 4 hijackers from the Palestinian organization “Black September” took control of Belgian Sabena Flight 571 from Brussels to Tel Aviv.
The hijacking marked the beginning of thirty nerve-wracking hours, bounding together fascinating human, military and political drama inside and outside of the plane.
Sabena Hijacking – My Version presents a cinematic reenactment of the events, weaved with genuine archive material and exclusive interviews three revered Israeli political leaders who were in charge of the rescue effort at the time, as well as the only surviving hijacker.

Sabena Hijacking – My Version is a captivating, fast-paced docu-drama full of suspense, which poses significant political and historical questions that are not only still important, but have shaped the Israel of today.

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