Stockholm Syndrome (2007-2010)

Directed by: Amit Epstein
Duration: 70′
Screening time: Saturday, 5th May, 18:15

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion between Amit Epstein, director of the film and David Stavrou, journalist. 

“My grandparents’ house was, and still is, a haven. Today I know that other such “European havens” are scattered throughout Israel, and, once joined together, they may form a sort of natural reserve, an image of “classical Europe”, where each day starts out in 1948, but ends in 1938.”

Stockholm Syndrome is a video trilogy about the tendencies of Jews to return to Europe, as many young Israelis find themselves attached to a homeland in which they were never born, while perfectly aware of the victim-victimizer relationship, which is well rooted in the fabrication of Israelism.


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